3DLOOK Review – Why Should I Use 3DLOOK?

What is 3DLOOK and why should I use it? Learn about the Bold Metrics technology, their Video tutorial, and their Brand partners. Then you can get started today. And if you want to know even more, read our full 3DLOOK review to see how they can help your brand! And if you’re interested in becoming a brand partner, check out their video tutorial. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments section below!

Technology is Based on 3D Statistical Modeling & Computer Vision

The company has seen significant growth in recent months. Their clientele includes Safariland, Fechheimer Brothers, and 1822 Denim. Their technology is based on 3D statistical modeling and computer vision to generate a 3D avatar of a customer’s body from a photograph. Users report 30% fewer returns and four times higher conversions using the 3DLOOK service. The company also counts more than 100 customers globally.

The company has seen a six-fold increase in business in the past year and is already partnered with leading brands and retailers to offer personalized shopping experiences. By enabling a unique, contactless shopping experience, 3DLOOK’s solutions decrease return rates by up to 48 percent, while increasing conversion four times a year. For more information, visit 3DLOOK.ME today. There’s no reason to miss out on this innovative opportunity!


Bold Metrics Technology

By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, 3DLOOK’s Bold Metrics technology enables brands to create customized fashion designs. This technology helps brands improve conversion, reduce returns and increase sustainability. Using an AI-powered body model, 3DLOOK helps brands meet customer needs by allowing them to personalize their clothing and tailor it to their body measurements. Additionally, brands can streamline their manufacturing process by using Bold Metrics’ AI body model.

It uses AI to predict body measurements and shape. Clients include Levi’s, Express, Men’s Wearhouse, G-Star and others. Despite being in a proof-of-concept stage, 3Dlook.me claims that its augmented reality and Bold Metrics technology can significantly improve the shopping experience for customers. The company is also developing a second solution, called Augmented Reality, and a third solution, called Apparel Insights.

Video Tutorial

This 3DLOOK.me video tutorial walks you through the basics of 3D modeling. The program is part of the Mobile Body Scanning Standards. It promises to find your right size in 60 seconds, which can save you time and hassle when buying clothes from stores. By using 3DLOOK, you can scan your body for accurate sizing and eliminate the need for size charts and dressing rooms. The 3DLOOK software is free and easy to use.

Brand Partners

Body measurement company 3DLOOK has teased a partnership with a multi-billion dollar retailer. The company’s new video tutorial promises to find your size in 60 seconds. Forget about size charts and the dressing room, and ditch the hassle of returning unwanted clothes. The new video tutorial is backed by technology from 3D statistical modeling and computer vision. The company has also signed on supermodel Natalia Vodianova and 1822 Denim. These brands have reported 30% fewer returns and four times more conversions using 3DLOOK.


Growth in E-Commerce

With the rise of online shopping, the company’s founder, Vadim Rogovskiy, has a lot to say about the e-commerce landscape. He discusses the importance of customer experience, how he’s built a developer ecosystem in Ukraine and how the company’s e-commerce platform enables users to get exactly what they want, and what the future holds.

The company’s technology enables shoppers to choose the best clothes based on their measurements. With two photos, the 3DLOOK software instantly measures a human’s body and provides personalized fit recommendations. The company has more than a hundred customers, including renowned retailers such as 1822 Denim and Berkshire Hathaway companies. And 3DLOOK is now entering new markets, including the manufacturing of automobile seats and furniture.

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