Age Verification – Shielding Younger Victims from Online Manipulations

With the rise in technological advancement, businesses are bringing innovations to their identity and age verification processes. The majority of the changes include digital onboarding and real-time verification. However, alongside this minors are also getting clever and using sophisticated methods to gain access to age oriented platforms. This creates a negative situation while exposing children to various threats including criminal risks.

The activities minors perform include the purchase of tobacco and liquor, registration of AO gaming platforms, and other services. Businesses need to employ robust shield-like solutions that not only restrict minors from onboarding but also comply with KYCC regulations. For this, they need AI-backed age verification solutions. Using these services will not only automate the process but also help industries seamlessly abide by identity verification laws. The blog covers the global industries that need automated age verification.

Online Age Checks – Industries in Need for Automated Verification Services

Minors are increasingly causing risks by falsely registering on AO platforms for either making a purchase, accessing content, or other reasons. They perform these activities by simply filling in fake age information and uploading their elder’s documents. Therefore, businesses need improved age checks that leave no room for fraudulent entries and on-site registrations. Here, AI-powered services are reliable solutions because they verify minors’ age in real-time. Even if the entered information is camouflaged, liveness detection will not let the minors bypass the verification stage.

Every industry operating worldwide requires authentic identity verification. Most important in this niche is age validation. Mentioned below are the most prominent industries:

Age Verification in Tobacco & Liquor Industry

According to Shufti Pro News, present world conditions are driving minors to fall into addictions which include tobacco, drugs, and liquor. Despite the efforts and regulations put forth by law enforcement agencies, minors still somehow manage to dodge the age checks. This way they get their hands on life-threatening products. Previously it was easy to predict the age of customers as they walked in the store. However, the scenario has evolved and online purchase is making things worse. Minors use their elders’ credit cards to buy cigarettes, cigars, alcohol and other products.

Regulatory authorities have played their part by defining age limits for alcohol and tobacco sales and purchases. Next is the responsibility of industries to restrict minors. For this, they should incorporate online age verification that is not prone to errors. AI-backed services make it possible to detect liveness through a real-time selfie while ensuring that the customers satisfy the age limits.

Age Verification in E-commerce

After the tobacco and liquor industry, e-commerce faces the most minor-based risks. This is because they register on the platform by camouflaging their identities and purchasing AO products. These include adult content sites, tobacco selling sites, and other platforms. The main issue here is that the minors are unaware of what they will be facing or even if the seller is not any criminal. Therefore, e-commerce platforms need to verify age before assisting any customer.

Age Verification in Online Dating Platforms

Along with the rest of the other platforms, dating sites are another target on the list. Minors use fake credentials to register on dating sites and communicate with others on the platform. However, it is not evident that either the other person is a legitimate entity or a criminal looking for prey. Fraudsters build communication with minors, ask for information and reap illicit benefits. These include financial losses, reputational risks, and other life-threatening consequences. Therefore, dating sites need to adopt digital age verification service to prevent minors from onboarding in the first place.

Age Verification in Cannabis Industry

Cannabis is a kind of drug that is banned for oral consumption and is only used in the healthcare and medical sector. However, it is becoming quite popular among the masses and retailers are using illicit ways to make it reach them. The most common is smuggling which is hard to counter. However, the regulatory authorities mandate industries that are responsible for supplying cannabis to identify their customers before selling.

As per PRNewsWire, the industry is predicted to cross 73.6 million which highlights that there will be more minors trying to purchase it. Hence, the cannabis industry should use authentic identity checks while registering customers while ensuring strict compliance with KYCC regulations.

In the End

With the rapid increase in technological advancement, Shufti Pro Funding indicates that the industries are readily bringing innovations in their operations. However, they can not leave the age verification of customers unattended. For this, they require age verification solutions to restrict minors from onboarding and prevent criminal threats. According to requirements, compliance with KYCC and age check regulations is a must. Therefore, the industries are responsible for creating a digital ecosystem and assisting age-defined customers accordingly.

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