An Overview of Search Engine Indexing

Did you know that Google receives approximately 99,000 searches every single second?

Google started as a simple search engine and has quickly grown into the largest in history. But being able to carry out this many searches is no mean feat. Google needs a clever scheme to organize all of the websites it links to in a way that’s useful for users.

To do this, Google created what is known as search engine indexing. This system allows users to get relevant results from high-quality sources with a very simple search query.

In this guide, we are going to cover how indexing in SEO works, and why our modern Internet needs search engine ranking algorithms.

Google Does Search Engine Indexing With Crawlers

Before you can search, Google needs to have the links to all of these websites in the first place. To do this, they send what are known as crawlers to scour the Internet for new content. These crawlers are automated bots that collect information from every website they can find.

Crawlers use algorithms to determine which websites are the most valuable. Since they can’t put every result on the front page, they have to determine which ones should be closest to the top of the results. This is known as ranking in a search engine.

Google uses the following criteria to assess websites:

  • The date the website got posted
  • How easy the content is to read
  • How long is the content
  • Any relevant keywords to the user’s search query

Google Uses Algorithms to Evaluate Queries

Once the indexing in a search engine is done, it’s time for Google to make that information usable to searchers. As you may have noticed, Google doesn’t always give exact results when you type something in. You can give a very vague search query, but get information that is relevant to what you were really searching for.

For example, you might search for “How to fix the glass on the front of the car,” and then Google will return a query about how to fix the windshield on a car. This way, you get accurate results even if you use the wrong term.

Companies Use SEO to Obtain a Better Ranking

While this doesn’t make things convenient for users, it does require companies to change their tactics. If they only present information the way they want to, then it won’t be as easily accessible on Google. So, they have to employ SEO practices.

Most companies will hire a marketing team to create their content in a way that is appetizing to the search engine. Check out this link for SEO campaign examples. Even if your page is search engine indexed, it doesn’t mean that it will get the attention it deserves.

Improve Your SEO Today

Search engine indexing is the bedrock of our modern Internet. It allows everybody to find exactly what they’re looking for while giving businesses the tools they need to promote themselves. Every company that interacts online needs to find effective SEO strategies or they simply won’t get the attention they require.

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