Bojangles New Chicken Sandwich is Winner!

The Bojangles New Chicken Sandwich is winner! Is a winner! This delicious new sandwich is sure to please any fried chicken lover! Among the many delightful sandwich contributions at Bojangles’, the new sandwich is the most communicated about item on the menu! If you love fried, savory, and sweet dishes, you will love the new addition to the menu at Bojangles’.

Bojangles New Chicken Sandwich Is Made From Hand-Breaded Chicken

The new sandwich will be available at all Bojangles locations nationwide. The bojangles new chicken sandwich is made from hand-breaded chicken breast with a secret blend of bold spices and a crispy buttermilk coating. The grilled chicken sandwich comes with creamy mayo, thick-cut dill pickles, and a on the side of fries or fresh vegetables. This delicious new dish is sure to make your taste buds sing! It will be available starting Aug. 2 in select locations.

Limited Quantities

The bojangles new chicken sandwich is a winner! One of the most popular new sandwiches at the fast-food chain. It’s filled with juicy immersed chicken, a crispy buttermilk coating, and secret spices. It’s topped with a spicy mayo and dill pickles. The sandwich will be available at all Bojangles restaurants nationwide.

bojangles new chicken sandwich

Website for More Information

The new Bojangles chicken sandwich is a fried chicken sandwich with dill pickles and zesty mayonnaise. The sandwich will cost $3.99. You can find it in Bojangles locations from corner to corner the country, or you can order it online for delivery or curbside pick-up. You can even get a T-shirt or bucket hat featuring the name. And don’t forget to check out the Bojangles website for more information!

Good Choice for Quick Lunch or Snack

The bojangles new chicken sandwich is a great way to get a taste of the new chicken sandwich at New Bojangles’ chicken sandwich is a winner. The new sandwich is hand-breaded and has a crisp, spicy coating. Its name is named after the famous fried chicken of the Southern city. A sandwich from Bojangles is a good choice for a quick lunch or a snack.

Fried Chicken Lovers

The sandwich is a must-try for fried chicken lovers. The chicken sandwiches are already popular in the South. However, you can find them at your local Bojangles restaurant. The restaurant is famous for its Southern fare and the chicken sandwich is one of the most popular menu bits and pieces at the chain.

Fast-Food Favorite for People

It has become a fast-food favorite for people all over the country. Aside from the new chicken sandwich, New Bojangles’ chicken sandwich is a winner! The fried chicken sandwich is a Southern favorite. The chicken sandwich is guaranteed to become a staple of the fast-food world. With the new sandwich, it is likely to become the hottest new item at New Bojangles’ chicken sandwich is a winner!

Other Franchises

The newest Bojangles chicken sandwich has been manufacture its way to restaurants all over the country. The sandwich will be available at Bojangles locations starting Aug. 2, and fans will have to wait hours to try it. And because of the popularity of the chicken sandwich, it has even inspired other franchises to make their individual versions of the dish.

Bojangles New Chicken Sandwich Available KFC Brand

The restaurant plans to debut in early August. It will be the best in the business, and will use the same signature sauce as other brands such as KFC. The restaurant is one of many fast food restaurants that have joined the so-called chicken sandwich wars in recent years. Read on to learn more about the sandwich and how it will differ from others.

Biscuits & Sweet Tea

Bojangles, a popular chain in the South, has adapted the chicken sandwich into a classic Southern flavor, complete with biscuits and sweet tea. The New Bojangles’ chicken sandwich is a winner! And this made with hand-breaded chicken breast and a crispy buttermilk coating.

Limited Supply of Chicken

The breast with a special secret blend of seasonings and a buttermilk coating for a crisp-fried exterior. The chain says the sandwich will be available nationwide, and there is a limited supply of chicken in the store right now.

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