How A Bad Starter Can Affect Your Car’s Performance

Every car relies on a starter to function properly. The start is a small, battery-powered motor that turns on your engine and gets it to run. It includes a starter relay, which is a device that sits between the starter motor and the battery and transmits power to the engine. Starter system issues are common but also often thought to be other problems first. However, without a working starter, your car isn’t going anywhere. That’s why it’s so important to know what signs to look for.   Check out the 2004 buick rendezvous starter for more information on starters.

Starter Sounds

One of the first hints that you might have a starter problem is hearing strange noises when you try to start your car. You may notice grinding noises when you try to start the engine or it may sound like the car is clicking at you when you turn the ignition or push the car’s start button. If your car isn’t starting and you’re hearing these types of noises, it’s a good indicator that your system needs to be replaced. Unfortunately, not all starters will make a sound if they aren’t working correctly, so it’s important to know what other signs to look for as well.

Battery Voltage Drain

If you start to notice problems with your battery, even if it isn’t that old, it could be because you have a bad starter. Over time, a malfunctioning starter can begin to drain your battery’s power, and you’ll drain it even faster if you repeatedly try to start a car that won’t turn on. If you notice that your battery light is on, or if you’re having trouble starting your car, it’s important to have the starter looked at in order to prevent even more repairs from needing to be done on the vehicle.

Malfunctioning Motor

If you have a bad starter, you might at first think that the problem is a malfunctioning motor. At first, you may only have problems some of the time. Maybe you need to turn the key twice once in a while in order for the car to start. Over time, though, as the starter becomes even worse, you’ll have an increasingly hard time trying to get your engine to turn over and start. Eventually, nothing will happen at all. If you start to notice issues turning your car on, it’s a good idea to get the starter looked at before the problem becomes even worse and leaves you stranded somewhere.

Smoke Coming From the Car

If you notice smoke coming from your car, try not to panic. It may not be quite as serious as it seems. Your vehicle’s starter is connected to the car’s electrical system, which means that it can fall victim to short circuits or blown fuses. If you’ve been trying repeatedly to start your car, you may even cause the starter to overheat and create an electrical problem. If you see smoke or smell it but can’t find the source, stop trying to start your car and call a mechanic.

Don’t panic if you think your car’s starter is going out. Whether you need a new 2002 gmc sierra starter or the 2001 toyota 4runner starter are both great examples of starters that might be right for you.  Or maybe one for another type of vehicle, the replacement is often more affordable than you think, especially when you purchase from a reputable auto shop. You’ll be backbone on the street in no period.