Jenilee Harrison | Why Jenilee stopped acting 20 years ago?

Jenilee Harrison , born in Northridge, California in June 1958, is very best well-known for her good roles on Three’s Company and Dallas. She has also give the impression in several movies.

She received a breakout role in 1980, replacing Suzanne Somers on ABC’s Three’s Company. She portrayed Chrissy Snow’s cousin, Cindy Snow, for two seasons on the sitcom.

Jenilee Harrison Playing the Klutzy Farm Girl

Jenilee Harrison first made a name for herself playing the klutzy farm girl, Cindy Snow, on the very popular television series Three’s Company. She come in the show when it was in its fifth season as a replacement for Suzanne Somers who played Chrissy Snow.

She became an instantaneous hit with spectators for her clumsy and witty performance in the role. She was also highly regarded for her naivete and eagerness, making her a popular adding to the show. Her acting coach, Joyce Selznick, helped her polish her skills. She later graduated with an education degree from the University of Southern California.

After leaving ‘Three’s Company’ in 1982, she made a few negligible roles in several infomercials. She also appeared on ‘Fantasy Island’, ‘The Love Boat’ and ‘Murder She Wrote’ before guest starring on ‘That ’70s Show’ in 1999. She married Dr. Bruce Oppenheim, a prominent Los Angeles chiropractor, in 1988 and has two children from that marriage, Ariel and Zachariah.

Jenilee Harrison Background History

Jenilee harrison was born in 1958 into a middle-class family in Northridge, California. She had a father who was an aerospace engineer and mother who was a math teacher. She competed in beauty pageants, winning Miss San Fernando Valley and Miss Los Angeles. After graduating from USC she began pursuing her acting career. Her acting coach Joyce Selznick taught her the importance of establishing an emotional rapport with her character.

In 1984 she landed the role of Jamie Ewing Barnes on Dallas, playing her for two seasons. She was a recurring character and became one of the show’s most popular. She was killed off twice, first by a car accident in “Blast from the Past” and then early in 1987 by a mountain climbing accident. She was the only character to be killed off twice.

  • Janelle Harrison dated a few men, including Rams, Dennis Harrah and previous baseball player and Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson, in the past marrying Bruce, prominent Los Angeles-area chiropractor, in 1988.
  • Afterwards marriage, he did not have any children of his individual. Harrison continuous to act intermittently all the way through the 1980s and 90s, but his last acting appreciation was in the 2002 TV movie “The Power” according to IMDB.Since then, he has attentive his real estate investments in California. At the time, the opening noted that Harrison also had few T.V projects in the works.
  • Harrison loves taking care of animals and racing cars. But she seems sentimental for her days as a TV star. In 2017, she reunified with former co-star Richard Kline for the ’70s Rock and Romance Cruise, according to Tribune Media.

jenilee harrison

Cindy Snow Has Been An Important Character On Television

In 1976, Jenilee Harrison was cast as Suzanne Somers replacement on the hit comedy Three’s Company. It was the first time she had been given a major role on television, and she was rewarded with millions of viewers flipping on their TV sets to watch her.

  • She was a wholesome, good-looking girl who had won several beauty pageants before she started working as a waitress.
  • Chrissy Snow lived in Santa Monica with her roommates Jack Tripper and Janet Wood, and their landlord Mr. Roper. He didn’t like single women living with him and refused to rent to them.
  • In order to keep the apartment, they lied about Jack being gay. This led to a series of mishaps over the years. Ultimately, they were able to make things work and move on.

Jenilee Harrison Net Worth

The net worth of American actress jenilee harrison is estimated to be $3 million. She has accumulated this wealth through her work as an actress. She is also a model and has been featured in many commercials. She has a great figure and naturally glowing skin. Her birthplace is Northridge, California and her zodiac sign is Gemini.

Her first big break came when she was cast as Cindy Snow in the hit comedy Three’s Company, which starred John Ritter, Suzanne Somers and Joyce DeWitt. She portrayed the character for 32 episodes. She also won the title Sweetheart of Sigma Chi and graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in education.

Jenilee was married to a Los Angeles chiropractor named Dr. Bruce Oppenheim in 1993 and the couple have two stepchildren from her previous marriage to Cybill Shepherd – Molly Ariel Shepherd-Oppenheim and Cyrus Zachariah Shepherd-Oppenheim. As of March 2021, Jenilee is living with her husband and enjoys being a stepmom to their children.


She began acting at an early age. She was also a professional cheerleader for the Los Angeles Rams. In 1980, she was cast as a replacement for Suzanne Somers in the hit ABC sitcom Three’s Company. She played Chrissy Snow’s cousin, Cindy.

It is unclear why jenilee Harrison was chosen to replace Somers, but she did well on the show. She was funny in a slapstick way and had far-too-many klutzy habits. However, she was eventually replaced in the sixth season by Terri  Alden (Priscilla Barnes), a smart nurse.

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