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Business mergers & acquisitions are popular for various reasons, from increased market share and reduced operations costs to profitability and business expansion. Yet, according to professionals like Teneo’s firm, you need to be careful during the merger or acquisition, avoiding significant losses in the long run. Above all, you must be conversant with the various trends affecting this field.

The Strategic Innovation Training Faculty at Babson Executive Education brings together more than 40 companies with over two decades of innovation research, implementation work with many others, and numerous published books and articles.

Eight months have passed since the assassination of George Floyd and more than eleven months have passed since the assassination of Briona Taylor. Since then, many tech firms have issued statements in response to violence against blacks, and leaders have pledged to join the list of anti-racist attitudes and actions.

Increased Calls for Diversity

Increased diversity is essential for the growth of any business. Most experts associate it with the ability to attract top talent from across the globe. It will also improve customer orientation, including employee satisfaction and decision-making. For this reason, most experts would want to focus on inclusivity and diversity during every phase of the merger or acquisition process.

The level of inclusivity and diversity in the company could determine how much value the acquisition brings to the table. Investing in a diversified and inclusive company will likely yield better results, including enhanced performance and acceptance.

During the epidemic, consumers have dramatically moved to online channels, and companies and industries have responded in return. The results of the survey confirm the rapid change in the way we interact with consumers through digital channels. They also show that adoption rates are many years ahead of where previous surveys were conducted – and even more so in developed Asia than in other regions.

Increased Digitization in Business Mergers

The world is rapidly evolving, and digitization is gradually becoming inevitable. Increased digitization is essential in ensuring that the merger or acquisition process is smooth. According to agencies like Teneo, a significant percentage of acquisitions today happen online. The entire process occurs digitally, including digital signatures. You could attribute this to the adoption of IoT.

Yet, cyberattacks could pose a threat in this process. Investing in comprehensive cybersecurity measures will ensure that everything works well in the acquisition process. Most companies will also focus on particular skills, including cybersecurity, data mining, and software engineering.

While new technologies provide ample opportunities for development, they also give rise to various governance, legal and structural issues that remain unresolved. The mapping process of regulatory governments and their application to existing fantastic products is another complex one, so for global fantasy firms where differences in regulatory jurisdiction and perspectives are a major hurdle. A clear and unambiguous assessment of regulatory risks at Fantech will go a long way toward ensuring the sector’s success and profitability.

Changes in Global Regulatory Framework

Changes in the global regulatory framework significantly impact mergers and acquisitions. Enhanced scrutiny into this area aims at avoiding various legal bottlenecks. Ideally, understanding regulations within a specific jurisdiction will also ensure a smooth process. In addition, most companies will rely on lawyers to define various rules, avoiding legal complications over time.

Companies will need a wider effort to standardize the way they account for their environmental and social impact. In turn, the era of mandatory comparative reporting, auditing, and reassurance began. The announcement by the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) is a major step forward in the disclosure of social and environmental impacts, which are currently voluntary, ambiguous and without comparison.

ESG is Critical

The environmental, social, and governance agenda stands in the pursuit of seamless merger and acquisition processes. Excellent scores on ESG metrics show that a company can readily absorb various risks and opportunities in the future. This company is also likely to focus on long-term value creation, making it a perfect fit for merging or acquiring. In brief, companies will most likely want to merge or acquire a business with excellent ESG scores.

Understanding the different trends affecting the field is essential as you look forward to a merger or acquisition. It ensures that you get the best returns in the long run. You will also be confident in a seamless process. The insights above are a perfect headstart.

ESG reporting will have an impact not only on corporations but also on independent auditors. Investors, stakeholders, and regulators have a new and very important role to play in ensuring the quality of ESG information of audited companies as part of the fight against climate change. They will be held accountable for their promises.

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