Nextgen Vs Charmhealth – Which EMR To Go With

Do you think Switching to any EMR is a hassle? Let us guide you among two renowned EMRs available in the market, Nextgen and CharmHealth EMR so you can get the best for your practice. Check this article to see how NextGen Office and CharmHealth stack facing each other.

Is Nextgen Better Healthcare Outcomes for All?

NextGen EMR offers an electronic clinical record and integrated practice management software streamlining daily care practice. NextGen, among the best EMRs for small practices, offers quick execution alongside first-class client assistance.

Does NextGen offer all the significant features we searched for in EMR software?

Yes! It also has several tools that smooth the interaction, including custom layouts, hotkeys, and different access routes that diminish tedious undertakings like manual data entry. Essential features of NextGen are:

Scheduling calendar

NextGen’s scheduling tool shows a variety of coded schedules that lead to arrangements by supplier, office, or another custom choice, for example, a particular test room, for instance. The schedule can flip between daily, weekly, and monthly displays.

Patient Portal

Staff can make a new appointment by tapping on an available time allotment. A popup box shows up, which can then be finished with the patient’s name and arrangement type. Patients can likewise present an arrangement demand through NextGen’s solid patient entry. You can relocate the current consultation to a new date or time slot to reschedule an arrangement. Any move initiated on the stage is logged by a review tracker that runs behind the scenes, allowing clients to see who rolled out an improvement and when it happened.

Appointment reminder

One component your office staff will appreciate is NextGen’s computerized arrangement update. You decide how you need to send updates – you can choose from telephone, message, or email updates – as well as the number of notices you need to guide and when you necessity to send them.

Scheduled patient

Another timesaving feature for busy practices is NextGen’s qualification worklist device, which naturally checks and confirms each planned patient’s protection to guarantee their data is current and correct. If a patient’s protection inclusion has passed, you can send them a notification before their visit requesting that the patient give refreshed protection data.

Clinical Notes

NextGen offers a helpful feature for doctors and medical care suppliers. When a patient is checked in and is put in the test room, the supplier is cautioned that they have a patient who is fit to be seen. Suppliers can see a line of current and forthcoming arrangements, showing fundamental patient data. Tapping on the patient’s name in the bar raises extra data in a patient profile, including vitals caught by a medical caretaker during admission.


With this feature, you can view a list of current and historic medications on a patient’s record. Suppliers can arrange tops off straightforwardly from the rundown of at present recommended drugs, or they can electronically endorse new prescriptions from a similar screen. A patient’s favored drug store is naturally informed when reorders or new medicines are made.

Interfaces with labs

NextGen offers bidirectional interaction points with most labs, including Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp. Suppliers can electronically arrange lab tests and get results through the product. If patient necessities repeat lab work, NextGen consequently diagrams lab results over the long run so suppliers can see patterns.

Dashboard: One of NextGen’s revealing features is a MIPS/MACRA dashboard, which tracks execution against the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Promoting Interoperability principles (previously known as meaningful use.)

The dashboard offers experiences into how well your training is meeting every one of its objectives related to these principles, and it gives proposals about unambiguous moves your workout can make to work on its score.


There are three valued plans for NextGen, each of which has two levels: one for specialists and one for attendants. In general, NextGen is reasonably priced as compared with other EMRs. However, its least evaluated plan might be reasonable for new practices that are sloping up or small practices that see a predetermined number of patients. Furthermore, the organization proposed to relocate charting information from the past EMR free of charge. And most important, NextGen offers award-winning customer services to its users.

User Reviews

NextGen offers valuable tools, including customizable templates and efficient alternate routes. Nonetheless, it isn’t the most natural framework experienced. In any case, despite a slight learning curve, most clients ought to get familiar with the fundamentals of the framework rapidly.

Is CharmHealth an alternative to Nextgen EMR?

Charmhealth is an EMR for small practices intended to develop products further and work on quiet consideration. Charm EMR is HIPAA-consistent and is affirmed by MU Stage 3-2015 Edition. It incorporates a report of the executive’s module that permits clients to bunch and coordinate records for more straightforward recovery by the training staff. It additionally includes your bookkeeping programming, making it simple to follow financials. With Charmhealth, you will not need to stress over carrying out IT safety efforts. Additionally, the organization’s client assistance group is accessible nonstop. Its significant features are


Charmhealth’s cloud-based EHR conforms to severe protection and security rehearses, upheld by rigid systems. In addition, the framework is facilitated by a level three or more server farm with a disaster recovery site for insurance of your patient’s data. What’s more, Charmhealth’s administration is facilitated by a specialist organization with a worldwide presence and is HIPAA-consistent.

The HIPAA-consistent programming can diminish flake-out rates, as 60% of office calls go to voice messages. CharmHealth EMR coordinates ChARM Connect, a protected and scrambled texting stage, flawlessly with ChARM’s work process. It assists you with cooperating with patients, sharing documents, and speaking with other medical care experts while complying with HIPAA guidelines. In addition, beguile Connect allows you to team up with associates and patients through group chats.

Integrating With Mobile Apps

You are looking for an EMR to improve your practice in the executive’s work process, CharmHealth is an excellent choice. CharmHealth coordinates with an assortment of portable applications, allowing you to plan arrangements, view lab results, and solicit medicine. Besides, patients can utilize the patient gateway to define customized health objectives and timetable subsequent meetings with suppliers. This cloud-based clinical practice board programming has various advantages for small and midsize practices.

As well as integrating with mobile applications, Charm EHR programming offers telehealth capacities. Its Charm RCM application additionally incorporates charging and medical insurance management features. It likewise includes an arrangement scheduler and arrangement updates.

Patient Portal

One of the most outstanding features of CharmHealth’s enterprise plan is its patient portal. It allows patients to demand tops off, view lab results and timetable arrangements, and serves as a customized health portal.

Final consideration

Toward the end, the choice of EMR software depends on the requirement and the final obligations of practices, yet we propose you watch a demo of both Nextgen and CharmHealth EMR before choosing any EMR.


  • Veronika Nicoladge

    Veronika Nicoladge wants to write on latest News, Business News, Technology News and Fashion & Lifestyle. Her style of writing is innovative, creative and Concise.

Veronika Nicoladge

Veronika Nicoladge wants to write on latest News, Business News, Technology News and Fashion & Lifestyle. Her style of writing is innovative, creative and Concise.