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You must read and agree to the following terms and conditions before you can sign up for ProIncomePanda . These terms include Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, and Links to other websites. ProIncomePanda terminates your viewing rights upon breach of any of these restrictions. To help you avoid a violation, we’ve created Privacy Policy and Terms of Service Generators. The Website disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

Information & Materials on Website of ProIncomePanda

The information and materials on the Website of ProIncomePanda are provided “as is” without any warranty or guarantee. Although ProIncomePanda uses its best efforts to ensure the accuracy of the information on its Website, errors and omissions may occur. In addition, ProIncomePanda may make changes to these materials at any time and without notice. Any use of ProIncomePanda’s Website constitutes your agreement to be bound by the most current version of these Terms and Conditions of Service.

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The Customer is responsible for reviewing the Agreement periodically and is obligated to abide by its terms. Changes in the Agreement, including the Service-Specific Terms, will be incorporated into this Agreement by reference. Before accepting changes, you should review prior terms of service. If you’ve already signed up for an account with ProIncomePanda, you should review those Terms of Service to understand any changes made to them.

You may not copy, modify, transfer, reproduce, distribute, display, or perform any other activity in connection with the Services. In particular, you must not exploit any Content or third-party submissions or proprietary rights without the prior written consent of the respective owners. You may not store any material that contains illegal content. It’s also prohibited to use the Services to commit illegal activity, including hacking or piracy.

Privacy Policy to find out how Website

You can read Pro Income Panda’s Privacy Policy to find out how the website handles your personal information. The site uses log files to keep track of who visits it. Most hosting services use log files to track website traffic. Log files collect IP addresses, browser types, date and time stamps, referring/exit pages, and number of clicks. Pro Income Panda does not link this information to any personally identifiable information.

Personal Data is information about an identifiable individual that we receive, store, or use. This information is collected and recorded in any form, including electronic files. It does not include non-personal information or anonymous information. Sensitive Data, on the other hand, includes information that cannot be associated with a specific individual. For example, sensitive data can include a person’s racial or ethnic origin, their sex life, or any other type of information that would make it impossible to identify an individual.


Website Protects user Data

Data and the information it yields is extremely important in today’s world. Every company that processes information from customers relies heavily on data. In this complex environment, it is even more important to protect information. One way to do this is to publish a clear Privacy Policy agreement that explains how the website protects user data. The Privacy Policy agreement is one way to ensure that all parties are on the same page regarding how personal information is handled.

Third-Party ad Servers or ad Networks

Third-party ad servers (also known as ad networks) are platforms that serve online ads to websites and mobile apps. These services help publishers and advertisers manage their advertising campaigns and report on performance. They provide comprehensive reporting and analytics on the creatives served by third-party ad servers. They help publishers and advertisers create highly targeted campaigns and optimize ad creatives to increase click-through rates.

Publishers use first-party ad servers to manage their inventory. They send creatives from advertisers and place them on websites. After the ad is displayed, the publisher sells unsold inventory to ad networks. Advertisers use third-party ad servers to track campaign performance, manage inventory and conduct analytics. For publishers, these ad servers serve as a single point of contact for advertising needs.

Monitor both Campaigns & Optimize their ad Spend

As an advertiser, you can use third-party ad servers to reach your target audience and optimize your ads. These ad networks are specialized and specialize in one or the other. With third-party ad servers, publishers can access two dashboards at once, allowing them to monitor both campaigns and optimize their ad spend. They can also offer super-specific targeting for each ad campaign.

While third-party ad servers are a great option for publishers, ad serving can be difficult to manage. Ad serving API tools can help brands create and implement ad servers within weeks. They are available for free or a one-time fee. Adform is a programmatic-focused publisher platform that offers detailed revenue forecasting, monetization analytics, and bidding tools to maximize CPM.

Automatically Receive users’ IP Addresses

Third-party ad servers and ad networks are the main means by which advertisers reach publishers. Publishers use these networks to place ads on their websites. Third-party ad servers use JavaScript or cookies to serve ads on their sites. They also automatically receive users’ IP addresses, which is used to customize advertisements. While Proincomepanda does not control the use of third-party ad servers, advertisers should always read the privacy policies of any third-party ad servers before placing ads on their websites.

A third-party ad server offers publishers customizable rich media and video templates for ad display. Third-party ad servers also support non-standard formats for ad display. Kevel also offers advanced reporting tools and has a low price, starting at $3000 per month. When deciding between third-party ad servers and ad networks, make sure to compare the features and pricing offered by each one.

Links to Other Websites

ProIncomePanda may change the terms of use for its Website at any time. If these Terms and Conditions are updated, users are expected to review them periodically. They are also subject to change without notice. By using this Website, you agree to the most recent version of these Terms and Conditions. The laws of np govern the use of the Website. For further details, please consult ProIncomePanda’s privacy policy and Terms of Service.

In general, links to other websites of ProIncomePanda should be in compliance with local laws, industry codes, and restrictions. Links must not offend religious or ethnic groups, or use sexual slang or exploit the human form. In addition, links should not direct to pornographic or obscene materials. However, some jurisdictions may not permit these limitations, so you should check with your local laws and regulations before making use of this information.

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