Reinventing future of medical devices in 21st Century

Micro coils have been very important when it comes to the medical applications. With their miniaturized size becoming a crucial component, it has made non-invasive surgeries a reality. Micro coil has made it possible to overcome the hurdle of miniaturization of the medical devices seamlessly. In this article, we will discuss about the advantages that micro coil devices provide – and their application, that revolutionize the industry.

So, without further adieu, let us get started.

Challenges in the domain of medical devices

The medical devices industry is slowly transitioning into non-invasive devices. It has resulted in an increase in the demand of smaller sized devices – which fit easily into the body. With the reduction of size, fitting the micro coil inside the device is crucial. The increasing demand for micro coils to be used in the sensors and transducers become important as they help in controlling the motion and positioning of the device.

The size of the micro coil possesses challenges with the integration and oxidation. There are high chances of the materials forming oxides upon using the traditional methods, wherein they are exposed to the heat.

Thermo Pressure Bonding: A solution to smoother integration

The challenges which the old methods bring into the micro coil devices are overcome by the Thermo Pressure Bonding. Under high temperature and pressure, the ultra-fine wires are connected with each other. The dimension of the wire or the material used is the defining criteria for going ahead with the thermo pressure bonding.

The benefits include:

  1. Improved reliability
  2. Joints that are free of corrosion
  3. Joints which don’t have any strain

With these improved benefits, this process is a revolutionary method in the medical devices industry. Opening the new gates for application into both disposable and durable products, thermo-pressure bonding has enabled integration of the ultra-fine wires – making it a reality.

Applications of the micro coil medical devices

Micro coils have a wide application in the medical industry. Let us find out some of the major applications in medical devices industry where the micro coils find use.

  1. Enabling the brain simulations and controlling the pacemakers is possible using the devices with micro coils. The implants help in monitoring the performance of the devices within the body.
  2. The drug delivery is a key component when it comes to treatment of the deadly diseases like cancer. Moreover, the positioning of the stent during the cardiac arrest requires accessing the areas that cannot be accessed by larger devices. It is a major contribution by the micro coils in the medical devices industry.
  3. Improved efficiency in the orthopedics & dental latest technology updates – returning better results with better monitoring of the data points.
  4. Measurement of the physiological parameters like pressure and heart rate is possible through the micro coil enabled medical devices, thus making them integrated with the body seamlessly.

Bright future of the micro coils in 21st century

As the non-invasive industry is growing at a faster rate, the medical devices will have a higher demand – as the need for accessing the inaccessible areas will increase.

With a very bright future ahead and a lot of scope for growth – micro coil devices are bound for a steady rise in the medical industry.