SLTN is leading publication business for Scotland’s drinks industry

What is SLTN?

You’ve probably heard of SLTN , It is a leading publication in Scotland covering the drinks, leisure and hospitality industry. It provides news and opinion from a number of sources. However, what is SLTN and what does it have to offer? Read on to discover more. Let’s start with its history. SLTN has founded in 1990. The publication grew out of a meeting between a couple of Glasgow bartenders. It is still a Glasgow-based publication.

Business Analysis

SLTN is the leading Scottish drinks, leisure and hospitality industry publication, launching in 1964. As an ABC audited publication, SLTN covers all aspects of the Scottish on-trade, including news, business analysis , and products. Regular features cover entertainment, venues, and legal issues, and SLTN also runs a SLTN Awards ceremony, celebrating the best in Scottish licensed trade.

SLTN is Based in Glasgow

SLTN is based in Glasgow and is one of the world’s most prominent radio stations. Its name is indicative of its prominence in the Scottish music scene. The radio station is a leading name in the contemporary dance music scene. It also runs a record label, Soma Quality Recordings, and hosts its own Pressure club nights, which attract world-renowned DJs. Before it closed down, the Arches was the home of this radio show.

Presented to Businesses & Individuals

The SLTN Awards has a benchmark for excellence in Scotland’s licensed trade. The awards has presented in a number of categories to recognise the best in Scotland. The awards, which has presented to businesses and individuals, celebrate the excellence of the Scottish licensed trade. Winners has announced in a range of categories, including best pub, best bar, and best restaurant. There are more than one winner in each category, and the winner has decided by a panel of judges.


Largest Conference & Exhibition Center

Another reason to visit Glasgow is its culture. The city is home to the SECC, Great Britain’s largest conference and exhibition center. The city is also home to the Hydro arena, which has 13,000 seats. In Glasgow, you’ll find a plethora of cultural events, including the annual Celtic and Rangers Cup. There is also a strong culture of sport, including rugby, football, and motorsport.

Company Offers Customized Services

SLTN is an ICT service provider focused on unburdening customers’ ICT infrastructures. Their offerings include cloud and managed services, application development and detachment, and cyber security. SLTN is a non-listed ICT company with more than 1400 customers and an operational SOC. The company also delivers official IBM certificates. The company offers customized services and can assist clients with a variety of needs, including a complete vulnerability management program.

How to Customers Maximize their Business?

With Citrix Endpoint Management, SLTN provides mobility solutions for their customers. SaaS-based applications has added to the unified application portal. Users can customize their working environment using AppStore-like functionality. BYOD enables users to bring their own devices to work, reducing the endpoint device management cost by 60%. SLTN Inter Access provides solutions to help customers maximize their business productivity by helping them become more efficient, mobile, and innovative.

How to Contact Scottish Licensed Trade?

To contact Scottish Licensed Trade News (Establishment), you need to find the Website address. You should also find the Phone number and Fax number in this article. The Website is, and its owner has Licensed Trade News. These details are listed below. You can also find the address of Scottish Licensed Trade News in Scotland. The company is based in Edinburgh, UK.

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