Tejana or Cowboy hat – What could be more iconic than this?

Western-style Cowboy hat

Is there anything more iconic than the western-style cowboy hat ? Certainly not and for this reason, it is essential to know how to choose the perfect model for your look. There are options for hats in different materials on the market, some being more suitable for hot days and others for cold days.

Cowboy hat : what types & how to choose

A good hat is essential to be in the country style. To make an assertive choice, the tip is to know more about the materials of the Tejana hat, so that you can choose yours. You can have more than one darling hat in your collection.

leather Cowboy hat hat can be an excellent investment

A leather Cowboy hat hat can be an excellent investment, as it is a piece that, when well cared for, will last for many years. The most interesting thing is the fact that there is a great diversity of models and types of leather available. You will look good with a shiny plain leather hat if you do the modern cowboy or cowgirl style.

One way to choose wisely is to consider matching the item with your outfits. If you want to add a touch of personality to your look, opt for a textured leather hat. For those in love with the more traditional style, the tip is to invest in a hat model with the side flaps facing up.

Leather is the primary material of choice for many. However, there are other cowboy hat materials, which you can opt for, okay.


The lightness of the hat makes it more comfortable to wear this accessory typical of cowboys and cowgirls. The malleability of the material allows you to find a wide variety of model options, from the traditional one with the side flaps, turned up and highlighted creases, to country hats ideal for the beach.

It is worth mentioning the existence of the so-called social felt hats. This is a differentiated model with a wider cup and smaller brims. The female models of these hats are very beautiful, especially the versions with a wider brim. In addition to protecting herself from the sun, the cowgirl still draws attention with a differentiated composition for her look.


Do you want a light and cool hat for the hottest days? Therefore, the tip is to check out the straw-hat models, there are different options to suit different tastes, with emphasis on accessories with a lace look. The straw allows you to play a little with the look of the piece, providing interesting alternatives to compose with country summer looks.

For cowgirls, models with the side flaps turned up help elongate the face visually and make the makeup stand out. Cowboys can include the models with the lower brims in their everyday or even pawn party style. Straw models are quite versatile.


A very refined accessory, the hare fur hat is on the wish list of many cowboys and cowgirls. This item adds more elegance to your western look with a soft touch. Generally, these products have a more meticulous finish due to the nobility of the main raw material.

Discover the main models of country Cowboy hat

Cattleman Hat

Classic country hat model, created to differentiate Cowboy hat from rodeo pedestrians. The most striking feature is its high and narrow crown, making the accessory more resistant to rain and intense winds. It has three creases on its top. This is a more elegant option.

Gus or Montana Hat

The name of this hat refers to Montana, in the United States, and its origin dates back to a time when cowboys practically did not move and each place had its own model. It has a high crown with three deep creases, creating a slight forward slope. Also called Gus, it looks perfect paired with a cowboy shirt and belt with a buckle.

Pinch Front Hat

This country hat model with turned up side brims makes the face more evident. It is one of the darlings among cowgirls, for visually elongating the face and allowing the makeup to be seen in more detail. It also works well for cowboys, allowing you to elongate your face and highlight the more angular parts.

Gambler Hat

Created by Mexican cowboys, it is a comfortable hat with good protection from the sun. It is a model with wide brims and a lower crown, making it more suitable for intense heat climates. Of course, with these characteristics, it did not take long for the model to reach the United States and, from there, go to the rest of the world.

In the end

We have no doubt saying that modern or traditional Tejana hats enhance our style, characteristics, personality, sense of fashion, beauty, self-esteem, and status. Before buying online, make sure the online store delivers authentic and premium material. Check the model that best fits your face. There is no meaning of wearing a cowboy hat if it does not suit you. Take care of the dress code.


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