The 10 Best Tips For Making A Great Travel Video

Traveling is best way you can improve your overall well-being. When you travel and want to buy some related travel videos , you disconnect from your same old routine for a while and relieve your stress. 

It increases your creativity, and one of the best ways to use that creativity is to make appealing travel videos and treasure your memories. 

Travel video making is highly recommended if you are a travel enthusiast and want to make the most of your vacation days.

This article gives you an idea of the various kinds of travel videos you can make and the ten best tips to ace travel video making, even as a beginner.


What Kinds of Travel Videos Can You Make?

Before you get to the tips on making appealing travel videos, you must know how many kinds of videos are popular among audiences.

Travel vlogs are currently the most popular way of making travel videos because they require very little effort but give the viewers a lot more authenticity and allow them to connect with the creator. 

If you want to capture the essence of the place you’re traveling to in the best way possible, cinematic videos are best for you. Unlike vlog-type videos, cinematic videos require a lot of patience and skill, but the outcome is a visual treat if the whole process is done properly.

The Vlog style is more suitable if you’re a beginner because it’ll only require you to know the basic features of the video editor you are using to get a good outcome.

You can still make eye-pleasing travel videos even on a budget. To cut down the cost of video making, you can shoot with your smartphone camera and edit with a free video editor tool.

10 Tips You Need To Make Great Travel Videos

Watch As Many Travel Videos As You Can

There will be tons of tips and tricks on the internet to help you learn travel video making, but if your goal is to learn in a short time, it’s a must to watch videos of other creators on the internet. 

Watch as so many travel videos as you can & observe which things make the videos turn out great. Take notes and try to implement your learning from those videos into your projects.

Gradually, you will develop your style and inspire other creators to learn from you. 

Prepare Your Camera for The Trip

The last thing you’d want to do while traveling is spend hours setting up your camera. The best time to set your camera is when you’re at home, preparing for the trip. 

Watch videos related to the travel location to get an idea of what would look best there. Try sticking to the same setting throughout the vacation to make editing easier. 

Shoot Smarter

It takes hours of footage to make even a 3-minute video. So, having more footage than you need for your project is great because you never know when you’ll need something.

However, excessive shooting isn’t recommended as it takes the fun out of traveling.  

To ensure you’re not overdoing things, create time blocks for shooting. Usually, the best times to shoot for content are sunrise, daytime, and sunset. 

Set aside an hour or two and dedicate the whole time to shooting for your project. This way, you will not have to watch the same kinds of clips again and again while editing the video. 

Focus on Storytelling

The most popular travel videos on the internet are the ones that tell a story to the audience. That’s because people love things they can connect to, and when you describe your journey like a story, it increases their chances of staying till the end of the video. 

You can consider making travel vlogs to make storytelling easier. They receive so much love on the internet as it allows the audience to see unfiltered travel experiences. 

Do your research and talk to some locals about the place, get to know its history and describe it like you’d describe a person. Make sure the shots blend well together when editing them in a video editor .

Add Narration and Suitable Music

Each place has a different vibe, and you will understand that when you keep watching more and more travel videos. 

In general, cheerful and upbeat music is preferred in videos. But that doesn’t mean they will go with all kinds of shots. For example, if you’re shooting at night at a beach or a mountain, light music is what will be a perfect match for the vibe. 

Narration is also crucial in travel videos as it helps you educate your viewers based on your experience in the location, sharing facts you learned from locals, and much more.

Get Diverse Shots

Unlike most other kinds of videos, travel videos don’t have to be in a perfect structure that allows you to experiment with your shots.

Instead of sticking to one way, you can get diverse shots of the location from different angles and change your way of shooting to impress your audiences

Travel videos don’t require much to appeal to viewers because travel locations have their own beauty. But your effort to do something that other creators don’t is what will make your videos stand out.

Use the Rule of Thirds in travel videos

You’re making a cinematic travel video, the implication of the rule of thirds will make the compositions much more appealing to the users. 

All you have to do in this process is take a few moments to understand the subject of your shot and then place the camera at an angle where the subject covers only one-third of your screen.

To do this using your smartphone, turn on the ‘grid’ option, and you’re good to go.


Feature Locals in Your Travel videos

As previously mentioned, most of your viewers will look for something to connect to when they watch your videos; storytelling is a great way to ensure that. 

Apart from storytelling, another very effective way to invoke human emotions is to feature the locals of the place you’re traveling to in your videos. You can include them while getting a shot and talk to them about the place to learn rare facts.

Connect All Your Shots Meaningfully

This part might be time-consuming, but the outcome will be worth the effort. The internet is filled with lots of travel videos, but the popular ones have one thing in common – the shots are all connected, and that’s what leaves you mesmerized. 

To make your travel videos match your inspiration, take notes on how the creators of those videos connect each of their shots and implement them. Online video editors have plenty of transition options to help you master connecting shots.

Export the Outcome in High Quality

You must export the outcome with the right settings. Experts suggest exporting the outcome at the highest or at least HD quality. 

Storage might be an issue in this case, and to handle that, you can use an online video editor that offers cloud storage and does not ruin the video quality even when you compress it. 


Videomaking is an art that is supposed to be enjoyed but don’t go on vacation just to film videos. Set aside time for your enjoyment and use a time-blocking system to make the most of your trip. Implement the aforementioned tips in your Travel videos, and you’ll surely see great results.