Thelibertydaily is owned by the Freedom Media Group LLC

Thelibertydaily is owned by the Freedom Media Group LLC, which also publishes The Politistick. However, the latter is inactive. Both websites are run by Matthew Burke, the CEO and editor in chief of the liberty daily. The website generates its revenue through advertising. Unfortunately, this website is biased toward the right. For instance, it often relies on sources that fail fact checks. That’s a problem, considering the site’s highly conservative stance.

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Thelibertydaily Review

It’s a site that curates news from many causes with a powerfully right-leaning viewing platform. While the news is usually accurate, its sources are often not. This factual rating makes it problematic to conclude the trustworthiness of its reporting. The site’s factual rating is mixed, and 100% of the sources have a factual rating of Mixed or less. However, it does have several positive features, excluding the factual accuracy of its sources.

Several Positive Features

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Sources: Conservative News from Conservative

It’s a free app that combinations stories from the best conservative news sites. You can also share the stories, reply to articles, and comment. It loads fast, is free, and doesn’t surreptitiously use your data. If you’re looking for conventional news on your smartphone, this app is for you. It’s a great tool for those who want to stay informed. We hope that this information helps you make the right choosing for your lifestyle and political beliefs.

Even though left-leaning news openings are be more numerous than by right-leaning media, the public continues to seek out impartial news that reflects diverse viewpoints. A news reader may conclude that Fox News is right-leaning based on its logo and the content. Even a partisan newsreader might be misled into believing Fox News and Breitbart are right-wing. And yet, according to a contemporary study by The Factual, protuberant right-wing platforms planted 73 percent more browser cookies than average left-wing websites.

  • The freedom of the Internet, never before have right-wing political thinkers had so many choices in finding the best conservative news sites.
  • There are so many, it’s hard to know which are the top conservative websites worth your time, and which aren’t.

Feature Original Content

While there are a number of websites that feature original content, The Liberty Daily has failed to produce any. They link to news stories produced by other sources and often promote right-wing viewpoints, while demonizing left-wing views. The site also lacks transparency in its operations. In addition, readers are unlikely to find any useful content. If you’re interested in Taiwanese news, there are several websites worth checking out.

One of these websites is the American Report. This website is dedicated to right-leaning news, but is awash in misinformation. The website is known for curating news from sources that aren’t always factual. However, the site’s premise is that conservatives should read the news and make up their own minds. Ultimately, the goal is to make the United States an improved place for everyone.

  • A Pew survey found that fewer than half of Americans trust sources of news. Most people have a high level of trust in the media, but conservatives are consistently less trusting of news media sources.
  • Unlike liberal audiences, conservatives are likely to suspicion sources like National Public Radio and the Public Broadcasting Service, which are non-commercial, nonprofit organizations. But the survey results are mixed and contradictory.

Thelibertydaily Ownership by Freedom

It’s owned by the Freedom Media Group LLC, along with The Politistick. While The Politistick is not actively updated anymore, it is still owned by Matthew Burke, the editor-in-chief. The Liberty Daily is also funded by advertising, and its proceeds comes from the site’s advertisers. It’s not an unbiased publication, so readers should be aware of this before investing in its content. Read on to learn more about the Liberty Daily’s ownership.

Libertydaily Times first represented the KMT Youth League and localists before becoming the mouthpiece for Taiwan secessionists. Their mission is to suppress cross-Straits information exchange and spread fake news to sell Taiwan secessionism to external forces. They are promoting false propaganda and misinformation to the people of Taiwan, and the Chinese mainland should add Lin Rong-san and his colleagues to its list of ‘diehard Taiwan secessionists’.

Every day news from a conventional viewpoint dragged from the headlines at Few stories are belongings you may well not have perceived. There are many others are stories that ordinary media has slaughtered. Please join us every morning to hear what you need to know to start and finish your day.

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