Wanda Ferraton is Canadian Actress & Stunt Performer

Wanda Ferraton is a Canadian actress & stunt performer. Born in 1970, she is the second oldest of five siblings. Her father is a professional wrestler and her mother is an actress. She attended a local high school and completed her high school education. She was obedient and studied hard. Despite her limited education, Wanda spoke perfect English. Her husband, wrestler Bill Goldberg, is also a fan of the actress.

Small Town in Saskatchewan, Canada

Wanda Ferraton is the wife of Bill Goldberg. She is a Canadian national and holds white ethnicity. Her age is not available. She was born in a small town in Saskatchewan, Canada. Her parents are Allan and Gwen Ferraton. She does not have children of her own. Her interests include traveling, reading, and watching movies. However, she is not active on social media.

Married to WWE Superstar Goldberg

Wanda Ferraton is married to WWE Superstar Goldberg. They have been together for 16 years. They live in Texas with their son. Both of them are very active on social networking sites. Their love for animals is evident in their posts on Facebook. Although Bill and Wanda have no children together, their relationship is very healthy. It is unclear whether or not the couple will ever have a child of their own.

Busy Schedule & Constant Exposure

While her marriage to Bill Goldberg has been highly publicized, Wanda Ferraton’s life has been less publicized. She remained single for three years. Her divorce is a big cause for concern in Hollywood and she is happy to remain a single mother. She is a very kind and generous woman and she understands the value of a stable house. Despite her busy schedule and constant exposure, she maintains a relatively modest lifestyle.

Successful Television Career

In addition to her acting career, Wanda Ferraton has also a successful television career. She is a Christian and is married to Bill Goldberg. Both of them share a love for animals, and they both have pets. Among her many interests, she loves traveling and reading. She has a husband named Bill Goldberg. They have no children together. The two are still a couple, but she has a great relationship with her husband.

Good Relationship with Canadian Actor Bill Goldberg

Bill Goldberg’s girlfriend Wanda Ferraton has a very good relationship with the Canadian actor Bill Goldberg. The couple met while she was shooting a movie. In addition to this, they are also co-owners of clothing brand Hide and Chic Boutique. In 2005, the couple married. The two live together.

Salary of Around $53,000

Wanda Ferraton has a husband and two children. They are a couple and spend most of their time together on their farm. Her career has allowed her to earn a good living by acting as a stuntwoman. She has acted in more than 100 films and earned a salary of around $53,000. She is dedicated to her work and has a large number of followers on Instagram. The wife of a former NFL player, she is an actress and stuntwoman who has been working in the entertainment industry for the last decade.

Famous Actress & Model

Wanda Ferraton is a famous actress and model. Her films include Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning and The Unsaid. She is the wife of Bill Goldberg and has a daughter. She has ninek followers on Instagram and does not use Aside from being an actress, Wanda Ferraton has a very interesting relationship with her husband, and it is also a wife of a wrestler.

Professional Wrestler & Color War Commentator

The beauty of Wanda Ferraton is her innate beauty. She is currently married to Bill Goldberg, a professional wrestler and color war commentator. The two have a son named Jack. She was raised in a small town, and her parents are still alive. The young couple are passionate about her work.

Brief Career as Stuntwoman

After a brief career as a stuntwoman and stunt double in Hollywood, Wanda Ferraton has since become a popular actress. She has played many double roles in Hollywood, winning numerous awards, and continues to work in the entertainment industry. In addition to her acting career, Wanda Ferraton is a professional wrestler. Aside from hosting Jay Leno’s Garage, she has also worked as a stuntwoman.

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