What Are the Skills Required for a Machine Learning Engineer ?

Machine as the use of Artificial Intelligence is growing, so is the case with AI ML Engineers. In this era of Artificial Intelligence, the demand for machine learning is increasing rapidly. In order to master machine learning, it is essential to do a course to become an AI ML engineer.

Machine Learning is one of the integral aspects of Artificial Intelligence (AI). With Artificial Intelligence, the algorithms used by us in day-to-day activities will be impossible. The images and voices that we see in movies and series are because of Artificial Intelligence!

A person studying machine learning engineering can easily dissect data science and software engineering. An AI ML Engineer sits at the intersection of these two things. Since we have talked so much about machine learning engineers, let us look at what they are!

What is a Machine Learning Engineer?

A Machine Learning Engineer is considered as an IT professional who focuses on research, design, artificial intelligence, and systems to automate small, medium, and big business models. A machine learning engineer has the combined skills of a data scientist and software developer.

This article covers the skills required by the Machine Learning Engineer. So, without further ado, let us discuss them in detail!

Technical Skills Required by a Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning engineering combines data science and software engineering to transform the machine model into a usable software device. There are certain technical skills required by Machine Learning Engineers. So, let us have a look at them!

  1. Software Skills

The computer science fundamentals include various software skills. For instance, algorithms are a part of the software that includes optimization of content, sorting the content, understanding data structures (graphs, stacks, ques), etc. All these things come under software skills that an AI ML Engineer must possess.

  1. Data Science Skills

An AI ML Engineer must also have several data science skills such as knowing programming languages, hypothesis testing, proficiency in mathematics & statistics, etc. Data science skills help engineers in developing evaluation strategies for various algorithms and business models.

  1. Miscellaneous Skills

The AI ML engineers taking the course are also taught other skills like deep learning, dynamic programming, audio & video processing, optimizing algorithms, etc. These skills are related to software and data science.

Technical skills are very important. But along with the technical skills, it is also essential to have soft skills. Soft skills are as integral as technical skills. So, let us look at the skills that an AI ML engineer requires.

Soft Skills Required by the ML Engineers

Soft Skills are also very important as technical skills. We agree that 80% of the task of an AI ML Engineer is technical. But still, soft skills are also required. So, here are some soft skills that an engineer needs.

  1. Good Communication Skills

An AI ML Engineer has to work with data scientists, analysts, software engineers, marketing teams, etc. To make the projects carry on effectively, it is essential to have good communication skills. With communication skills, the task can be done on time, thereby meeting the expectations.

  1. Knowledge of Domain

In order to become a successful AI ML engineer, it is important to have domain knowledge. In simpler terms, to run businesses, the engineers need to understand the business and the kind of problems it faces. Without proper domain knowledge, the engineer’s work may lack precision. As a result, the work will not be done effectively.

  1. Problem-Solving Skills

It is said that the problem-solving skills must be pre-installed in an AI ML Engineer. An engineer must have the ability to solve the issues of both data scientists and software engineers. As an engineer, one may face real-life challenges. Thus, it is important for them to think creatively. Think of this skill as the foundation for all the other skills – it is that important!

  1. Better Time Management

Machine learning engineers often find it challenging to manage time as they are always stuck between the demands of stakeholders and planning the required projects. It is important to manage time in such situations so that the projects are done on time and other contributions are also made to the team.

  1. Teamwork

To become a good AI ML Engineer, it is essential to work as a team in the organization. The machine learning engineers have to work with various software developers, marketers, product designers, etc. Therefore, they must have the ability to collaborate with others and contribute towards making a healthy working environment.

  1. Eager to Learn

An AI ML Engineer must be eager to learn about new developments and evolutions taking place in the field of data science, software development, and artificial intelligence. Engineers must continue to study the advancements and stay updated regarding the same.


So, these are the soft skills that are absolutely necessary for an AI ML engineer. It is important to note that along with the technical skills, recruiters also look for these soft skills in order to provide you with jobs.

Thus, work on the technical as well as soft skills in order to become a successful machine learning engineer.


  1. What skills do machine learning engineers require?

A machine learning engineer requires the soft and technical skills mentioned above. Thus, with time the skills must be acquired and worked upon to become a successful AI engineer.

  1. What qualifications do I need to be a machine learning engineer?

If you wish to become a machine learning engineer, then you must have a master’s degree or Ph.D. in Computer Science or Software engineering from a recognized institution.

  1. What basic knowledge is needed for machine learning?

In order to become a good AI ML Engineer, you need to have some basic knowledge of statistics, mathematics, probability, etc. Along with this, you must also have efficient knowledge of programming languages.

  1. Is machine learning a good career?

Of course, machine learning is a good career option when one is interested in data, automation, algorithms, etc. If you also have a keen interest in analyzing, then also it is a good career choice.