What Makes a Good Salesperson? 5 Key Qualities

Did you know that 20% of salespeople generate 80% of the total sales? Salespeople are a total crapshoot. You never know if that college graduate is going to be the person who brings your company success.

This is why having a hiring practice that works is so vital. And while no one indicator can tell you a good salesperson from a bad one, there are a few qualities that you can look for that can give you a hint.

Want to know those sales qualities? Then read on, and we’ll walk you through what makes a good salesperson.

1. Ability to Listen and Solve Problems

Being a good salesperson requires being able to listen to potential customers and being able to solve problems. Listening is key to better understanding the customer’s needs and allowing you to customize a solution that best suits them. Knowing when to speak and when to listen is an important part of being a good salesperson.

Good salespersons have a natural ability to solve problems and think on their feet to find the right solution for each customer. They think outside of the box and aren’t afraid to suggest solutions that may be unconventional. This requires creativity and being open to different solutions.

2. Utilizing Technology to Enhance the Sales Process

A good salesperson needs to have qualities that allow them to take advantage of the latest technology to maximize the sales process. Utilizing current technologies to enhance the sales process is essential. By understanding the technology, utilizing it to its fullest, showcasing products and services, and utilizing it to provide an enhanced customer experience, any good salesperson can achieve success.

3. Recognizing Buying Signals

This means that a great salesperson must pay close attention to cues. These can be changes in body language, facial expressions, and the customer’s tone of voice.

Good salespeople have a keen eye for noticing when a customer is ready to buy and use this information to guide them through the sales process. All these qualities enable a good salesperson to acknowledge a buying signal and convert it into a sale.

4. Passion for the Product

Having a passion for the product allows for enthusiasm and excitement to be expressed when talking about it. Enthusiasm and passion instill confidence in customers. It shows that the salesperson believes in what they are selling.

These are all essential qualities that earn top performers the annual best sales award.

Passion for the product also enables the salesperson to learn the details of the product. It teaches them how to use the product with customers.

5. Knowing When to Back Off

The ability to read customers, gauge their interest level, and identify when they need space, is an essential quality. The ability to recognize when a customer is not interested or is not feeling the connection is important as the ability to persuade. The proactive attitude to identify when customers need time and space shows respect and a professional demeanor.

Know What Makes a Good Salesperson

What makes a good salesperson will have a combination of resilience, persuasion skills, product knowledge, customer service, and problem-solving ability. They are sales professionals who are passionate and assertive and work hard to ensure a positive customer-buying experience. If you think you have these qualities and can deliver results, begin your sales career and experience success!

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