Whatagraph is an Online Tool for Tracking & Reporting on Social Media

Whatagraph Review

Whatagraph is an online tool for tracking and reporting on social media campaigns. It is designed to work on all devices and offers users a visually appealing report. Compared to a spreadsheet, this tool helps you keep track of the results of a campaign more effectively. Whatagraph users have praised its frequent updates, responsive chat-based technical support, and customizable fields. Users also praise Whatagraph’s ease-of-use, which helps them report on campaign performance and identify any bugs.


Engagement Between Team Members

Whatagraph helps you get more out of your reporting efforts by encouraging engagement between team members. Your recipients can add comments on the report and receive a reply from you. This is particularly useful when clients can’t visit your office to view the report in person. The interactive and visually appealing format of the Whatagraph reports also encourages audience interaction and brainstorming. If you’re trying to attract more clients, Whatagraph can be a great tool for you.

Whatagraph also helps you manage multiple reports simultaneously. By enabling multiple ‘Responsible Users’, you can designate different people to be responsible for specific reports. You can even assign different people to be in charge of particular reports, which is a great way to ensure that your reports are delivered on time. And if you want to get your team involved in the reporting process, Whatagraph makes it easier than ever.

Whatagraph also Allows you to Customize Reports

Whatagraph helps you keep your team informed with real-time reports and automatic report delivery. It makes complex data easy to understand and present in an engaging way. With a free trial, you can see if this tool is right for you. The paid plans start at $119 per month for one user and go up to $699 per month for customized features. Whatagraph also allows you to customize the reports with your own company logo, which allows you to brand the tool with your brand.

Whatagraph makes it easy to visualize your social media and website data using the visual reports. You can even add logos and brand colors to your graphs! The possibilities are endless with Whatagraph! You’ll be amazed at how quickly and easily this tool can transform your results. The service is easy to use and will save your team time and energy. If you want to track the success of your campaign, Whatagraph can help.

Various Marketing Channels

Whatagraph is an automated cross-channel marketing performance reporting tool. It helps your team measure the success of marketing campaigns, by aggregating data from various marketing channels and presenting it in an appealing infographic report. The reports are designed to be shared with your team and your clients. This software makes reporting on digital marketing campaigns and your website more effective than ever before. Its intuitive design makes it easy for your team and clients to understand and use.

Whatagraph also offers social media reports, which include six data sources and visual widgets. Whatagraph is a great alternative to Google Data Studio. It has many benefits, so try it today. When you’re looking for a social media analytics tool, Whatagraph is the best choice. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to use and how quickly you can get your hands on the data. You’ll be glad you did!


Whatagraph is Great Solution

Whether you are looking for a simple, cost-effective, and automated way to analyze cross-channel marketing efforts, Whatagraph is a great solution. Designed for digital agencies and clients, this tool offers cross-channel marketing reports for all agency workers. Its monthly pricing is $119 billed annually or $279 billed quarterly. The premium and growth versions cost an additional $179 per month. Those with limited budgets can opt for the Premium plan for $279/month billed quarterly. Whatagraph’s customizable reports can be easily imported into an Excel file.

Whatagraph also offers integration with other marketing channels and analytics widgets. It also allows you to embed multiple marketing channels and e-commerce reports into one report. Whatagraph enables you to compare marketing campaigns, landing pages, and revenue by segment and compare them side by side. Its e-commerce reports provide the ability to compare revenue and best-selling products. All this is done in a single place, so you’ll be able to make the best decisions about your marketing strategy.

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