Abigail Ratchford & Klay Thompson – Are They Dating?

Abigail Ratchford & Klay Thompson – Are They Dating? Abigail Ratchford is a super hot model with a very high chance of getting a boyfriend from NBA player Klay Thompson. However, she is still single, despite the rumors circling around her relationship with the basketball player. While a relationship with a basketball player isn’t likely to lead to a romantic relationship, one thing is certain, abigail has a higher chance of getting a boyfriend from Thompson.

Nearly Seven Million Followers

Abigail Ratchford’s instagram page has nearly seven million followers. Her account has been updated a few times, including one recent picture of klay’s dog and another of her coffee table. She also posted a caption on the photo of her and klay’s dog, as well as a basketball on the counter. It’s not clear whether they’re dating or not, but their relationship does seem to be on the up.

Still Enjoying Being Together

The two remained in touch over social media, but that’s not the end of their relationship. Abigail and Klay were reportedly dating before she moved to Los Angeles for modeling and acting. While they haven’t confirmed a relationship, the rumors and speculation have not yet faded. In fact, despite these rumors, they are still enjoying themselves and are still enjoying being together.

Started Dating

The relationship between klay thompson and abigail ratchford have been on and off for a while, but there’s still plenty of evidence that the two have slept together. In October 2014, she shared a photo of a dog with thompson’s pup and a photo of her own kitchen countertop. Later that year, she shared a picture of herself with the warriors’ guard’s dog. Although they never officially started dating, the rumors of a relationship are certainly real.

Actress’s Relationship

After breaking up with carleen henry, Klay Thompson moved to Los Angeles, where he became a model. This was a big change for both of them, but the actress’s relationship with henry is now a major source of gossip. In addition to this, klay thompson is also rumored to be dating a model named Abigail ratchford.

Long Time

She has dated several women, including carleen henry, but her relationship with thompson has never been officially confirmed. Both are still single and have their own lives. Their Instagram pages are full of pictures of their relationship. It isn’t clear if the two are still together, but they seem to be very close. They have been linked for a long time.

Some Evidence

There is some evidence that Klay Thompson is dating other women. In 2014, the shooting guard moved to Los Angeles and dated the model Carleen henry, whose name is now a popular meme on the social network. The actress is a three-time NBA champion and has been named to the All-Star team twice. She has been linked to a variety of gorgeous women in the past, but he has always denied being involved with her. She denied that she and her boyfriend were dating. But the photos show that she is indeed a celebrity and is a very talented actress.

Basketball Player

The 29-year-old model and former L.A. Rams cheerleader Cherise Sandra has also been linked to the basketball player. The two broke up in 2016 due to privacy concerns. Despite the rumors, the couple is clearly living the dream. In a recent tweet, the model was seen sleeping with klay thompson’s dog. The actress has said she is unsure of the relationship, but she remained close to her ex.

Healthy For Either Party

Despite rumors that Klay Thompson is dating Abigail Ratchford, she is single and has no plans to get married. She is busy with her modeling career, promoting her latest movie, and promoting her latest book. The two are a couple, and both are very much into each other. A relationship may lead to marriage, but a relationship is not healthy for either party. The Golden State Warriors’ shooting guard Klay Thompson has been linked to several women. He is a three-time NBA champion, five-time All-Star, two-time NBA Third-Team honoree and member of the NBA All-Defensive Second Team. He also has had several relationships, including one with a gorgeous model named Abigail Ratchford.

Best Night of Sleep in Year

There have been many rumors that Klay Thompson is dating Abigail Ratchford, including reports that he is dating the former cheerleader. On Monday, Abigail posted a picture of her dog and basketball on her Instagram account. In another post, she captioned the photo, “best night of sleep in a year!” She tagged her dog, Rocco. Although the relationship has been denied, the two continue to share the same Instagram account.

Undergoing Renovation

It is unclear if Klay Thompson and Abigail Ratchford are dating, but the two were reportedly once linked. In September, Los Angeles Rams cheerleader Cherise Sandra wrote “abigail ratchford” on her patio. She claimed that she was fine with the graffiti because the area was undergoing renovation, but a rep for the star denied rumors of a relationship.

Possible Romance

The Warriors’ star guard is single. However, Abigail Ratchford is not yet in a relationship. She has been in a public spotlight for months now, with her instagram posts pointing to a possible romance. The two posed with the dog and a basketball on the countertop, and the photos are captioned, making it clear that they were sleeping.

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