Bailey Sarian is getting married to Fernando Valdez

American actress Bailey Sarian is getting married to Fernando Valdez. The couple met at an art gallery in 2013, got engaged in 2017 and married in November 2018. The two met on the internet and met while making videos. Both have an interest in art and love dogs. They even have a pitbull named Saint. The couple has been together for over eight years. Their love story began when she was only 18 years old. They were first friends but quickly became romantic. In 2017, the two decided to start dating and soon engaged. They live in Los Angeles, California.

Decent Net Worth

After dating for a few months, Bailey Sarian and Fernando Valdez announced their engagement. They met through mutual friends, and were engaged in December 2017. Both had no previous relationships and have not spoken publicly about them. The couple own a pitbull named Saint, which they purchased about seven years ago. In addition to her career, Sarian has a decent net worth. Her earnings come from her Instagram and YouTube accounts.

Relationship Developed

The couple are not related, but have many fans. The couple met on Facebook in 2013, and their relationship developed quickly. Neither has children. Although they are not married, they are still living happily together, and their engagement is not yet public. Their children are still unborn, so no news on their future are available. However, the wedding will be the first step in their future. The couples’ relationship is expected to last for several years.

Children Togethers

The couple got engaged in 2017, but Bailey Sarian has not disclosed her past relationships. Her parents have been together for over eight years. Her parents are Mexican and have three children. They met while she was at Paloma Valley High School in Menifee, California. The two have a pitbull named Saint, which they bought seven years ago. The couple also has a pitbull named Bailey. She and her father have no children together.

Financially Stable

In December 2013, Bailey Sarian is getting married to Fernando Valdez revealed her relationship with a tattoo artist, Fernando Valdez. She has been dating Valdez for eight years, but they are not yet married. The couple currently live in Los Angeles. The makeup artist and Instagram star, Fernando Valdez, are a perfect match. The duo are not only happy, but they are also financially stable. They have a combined net worth of over 800 Thousand dollars and are still single.

Children have similar name

Sarian was married to Valdez on 13 December 2019. They have been dating for eight years but are not married. The couple have a pitbull named Saint and reside in Los Angeles. In addition to this, the couple has two daughters, Madison and Alexander. The pair has a dog named Saint. The pair have a dog named Sophia. The singers’ children have a similar name: Sofia Sarian and Fernando Valdez.

Confirmed the Marriage

The two were engaged in October 2017. The couple’s relationship is a public secret, and neither Sarian nor Valdez have confirmed the marriage. While they are not married, the couple have been dating for over eight years. Both live in Los Angeles and are not married. The actor is a social media personality, and has a younger sister. He is a tattoo enthusiast. The tattoo artist has a popular YouTube channel, but is a gangster.

Talented Makeup Artist

The two were engaged in 2017 and married in September. Sarian’s fiance, Fernando Valdez, is not her first husband. The actress was born in the Philippines. Her parents are Spanish and her father is a teacher. She has two sisters, Madison and Nick. She has no children. But she is still very popular and a talented makeup artist. She has a huge following on YouTube and her Instagram account.

Identities of her Parents

Although she hasn’t confirmed her marriage to her fiance, the two were engaged in September 2017. The actress hasn’t revealed the identities of her parents, but she does have a sister named Madison Malmberg. Her mother used to be a 911 dispatcher. Her father is a lawyer and his wife is a fashion stylist. But, it is not clear if they have a daughter.

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